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Facts About the Value of Radiant Heating

If you haven't considered the benefits of radiant heating or if you want to know more, read these highlights and then give South Side Plumbing & Heating Co Inc a call for more information.
  • Radiant heating systems provide steady heat from either the ceiling, walls, or floor
  • Heat transfer - The exchange of thermal energy between physical systems, depending on the temperature and pressure, by dissipating heat
  • Infrared Radiation - Infrared (IR) radiation is a type of electromagnetic radiation (a wave with electricity). The wave is longer than light that humans can see and shorter than microwaves
  • Very popular with allergy sufferers due to decreased spread of allergens
  • This type of system depends on the transfer of radiant heat. The transfer of warmth from a hot surface to the room
  • Higher efficiency versus baseboard or forced air heater
  • Radiant floors are virtually silent
  • Radiant systems are generally two to three times more expensive than forced air to install, but they can be up to 40% more energy efficient
  • A wide variety of energy sources can be used with hydronic systems. From standard gas boilers to solar water heaters
  • HYDRONIC RADIANT FLOORS - These systems are the most cost-effective and popular for radiant heating systems for heating-dominated climates. Heated water in these systems is pumped from a boiler through tubing that is laid out in a pattern in the floor. Through zoning valves or pumps, the temperature can be regulated
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